CafeMom Survey: Moms Will Vote This Election in Record Numbers

FlickrA new CafeMom survey shows that 87 percent of moms plan to vote in the November election. Do you know what this means?


According to our survey, a clear majority of moms agree that the outcome of this election will affect their families' lives, and they want a say in what happens. And this is just one of the fascinating findings that emerged from our 30-question poll.

Read more about what Democrat and Republican moms had to say about the candidates, the state of the nation, and the debates -- after the jump!


Among our findings:

--Three out of four moms believe their family's overall situation is the same as or worse than it was four years ago. When asked about specific categories including family finances, job security, quality of children's education, safety in their neighborhood, national security, and overall happiness, moms said their family's situation was the same or worse than four years ago in every category.

--There's an optimism divide amongst Democrat and Republican moms. Republican moms are more pessimistic. Fifty-six percent of Republican moms believe that the American Dream is "dying" or "dead," versus just 29 percent of Democratic moms. Sixty-six percent of Republicans believe America's best days are behind us, but 63 percent Democrat moms believe America's best days are yet to come.

--Moms take the presidential debates seriously. Seventy percent of moms said they are likely to watch the presidential debates. Thirty-seven percent are watching to get a better grasp of candidates' policies, and another 27 percent are watching to get to know the candidates better. Less than 1 percent said they watch the debates to catch candidates' mistakes.

--Job creation is still a top issue for both Democrat and Republican moms. Republicans rank national debt reduction, the role and size of government, and job creation as their top three issues. Democrats rank their top three issues as income equality, job creation, and healthcare quality and csts.

--Democrat moms are more enthusiastic about Barack Obama than Republican moms are about Mitt Romney. Democrat moms are largely favorable about Barack Obama. Seventy-four percent feel he does a good job paying attention to the average moms' concerns, and 82 percent say he understands families like theirs and what they go through every day. Democrats give Obama a B grade as the president, and an A- as a debater and speaker. There's bipartisan support for Obama's role as a husband and father -- both Republican and Democrats give him an A in these areas. 

Mitt Romney hasn't resonated as strongly with Republican moms. Just 41 percent say Romney does a good job paying attention to the average moms' concerns, and 56 percent say he understand families like theirs. Republican moms give Romney a B- grade as a candidate, an A+ as a businessman, and a C+ as a debater and speaker. There's also bipartisan support for Romney's role as a husband and father, with Republicans giving him A's and Democrats giving him B's in these areas.

--Michelle Obama has had a greater impact than Ann Romney. Eighty-eight percent of Democrat moms and 36 percent of Republican moms view President Obama more favorably because of Michelle Obama. Ann Romney's favorability effect was smaller, with 63 percent of Republican moms and 19 percent of Democrat moms viewing Mitt Romney more favorably because of his wife.

What do you think of these results? Do they surprise you or confirm what you've been thinking all along?


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