Jerry Sandusky & Wife Dig Even Deeper Hole With Letters to Judge

Jerry SanduskyAmerica, Jerry Sandusky may have just done the impossible. I honestly didn't think he could look any worse than he already does, did you? The former Penn State coach stands convicted of 45 counts of child abuse. That's 50 shades of disgusting piece of slime right there. But now that letters Jerry and wife Dottie wrote to the judge responsible for sentencing him are out, I sit corrected.

The things the Sanduskys said about the victims, the poor boys he violated, are downright despicable. Yup, Jerry Sandusky, world's most hated pedophile, comes off even scummier now than he did just a day or so ago.


According to the leaked Sandusky letters, the couple didn't beg for mercy for his sick, twisted soul. Instead they turned vicious, pointing fingers. 

They blamed the media. They blamed the system. And then they got really dirty. They blamed the boys. They even blamed adopted son Matt, who has spoken out about alleged abuse by his "dad" but didn't testify in the court case that got Sandusky sent to prison.

With these kinds of details, I'm now more appalled that Sandusky wasn't sentenced to the 400 years he was facing. Sure, he's expected to die in prison with 30 to 60, but here's a man who had the audacity to refer to the children he molested as liars and ingrates, who told a judge:

Nobody mentioned the impact of abandonment, neglect, abuse, insecurity and conflicting messages that the biological parents might have had in this.

In other words? Not only did he shift the blame, but Sandusky actually turned his guns on kids he himself admits were at a disadvantage, who were "weak" and should therefore be given an extra boost in this world.

I didn't think it was possible ... but I'm even angrier with this guy today than I was yesterday. How about you?

Do these Sandusky letters reignite your hatred of this guy? Or was it what you expected to hear?

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