Google Declares Romney 'Completely Wrong'

romney wrongGot a moment? Google Image the phrase, "completely wrong." I'll wait. 

Bwa ha ha! You get picture after picture of Romney. Mitt Romney pointing, laughing, gesticulating, grimacing, looking concerned, looking smug, laughing again, making this weird pursed-lip face, and even scratching his back hairline (hope it's not lice!). Is the Internet trying to tell you something? YES. But will you listen? PROBABLY NOT because many of you love Romney anyway. But just so you know? Completely Wrong = Romney.


Oh I'm kidding. Romney comes up because he recently apologized and said he's "completely wrong" about that 47 percent remark. He can afford to say that because he's pretty much reeled in all the campaign funds he's gonna get and there are no take-backs from billionaires.

But you know Google is not so simple as that. They have carefully-crafted algorithms. Is Google in the tank for Obama?!? No, of course not! (YES, of course they are. Ever been to Palo Alto?) 

But I'm just saying: If you're still undecided, why not take this as a message from the universe? Romney is completey wrong -- about his policies (whatever they are today, does anyone know?), and for America. WRONG! Let Google be your Magic 8 Ball of indecision. 

Unfortunately, if you Google Image "completely right" you do not get Obama. Instead you get Betty White, Jesus facepalm, Willy Wonka, and an elephant and a donkey fighting with each other. Hmm, I wonder what that means?

Do you think it means anything that when you Google Image "completely wrong" pictures of Romney pop up?


Image via Adam Glansman/Facebook

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