Zumba Sex Scandal Reveals Quaint Town’s Dirty Little Secret


When you think of Kennebunkport, Maine, images of lobsters, sailing, and even the Bush family retreat come to mind. What you don't think of is seedy sex scandal -- that is, until now. The swank, coastal town is where a prostitution ring was being run out of a local Zumba studio

A local fitness instructor, Alexis Wright, has been charged with running the illicit business out of her gym and secretly taping the "dates." Now the entire town is waiting to see whose names pop up on the list of johns as the investigation unfolds.


Wow. I suppose that would explain a husband's surprising, new interest in Zumba class. I almost feel bad for them. This kind of scandal not only ruins reputations (remember ex-NY governor Eliot Spitzer and his high-priced call girl), but also families.

Police say they confiscated over 100 hours of video of the encounters and they have already begun issuing summons to Wright's customers, who include doctors, lawyers, law enforcement officials, and a television personality. It will be absolutely mortifying facing the PTA or women's auxiliary club after your hubby's scandalous sex fetish is revealed.

I guess the prostitutes and the alleged madam shouldn't be the only ones who have to pay for their crimes. Exposure is one of the best ways to deter men (especially wealthy or high-profile ones) from seeking out ladies of the night. It's just too bad their wives and kids will suffer in the process.


Image via Cimm/Flickr

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