Unbelievable Military Homecoming Has Dad & Daughter Hysterical (VIDEO)

military homecomingIt's a good week for military homecomings. First, we had the utterly adorable homecoming that involved a dad surprising his family in South Carolina at a Gamecocks game. And now we have another dad surprising another kid at yet another game. And this one is just heartwarming and adorable.

Friday night, Petty Officer Dale Williams surprised his daughter, Kendall, at a football game. As you'll see, Williams hides behind the Color Guard while his daughter is on the field with her cheerleading squad. Right before the National Anthem, the announcer recognizes the Naval diver who's been stationed at Guantanamo Bay -- and not much happens. Kendall just smiles. But then seconds later, she realizes that -- OMG! -- it's her dad walking toward her!

Get out your tissues, people.



One of the most adorable things about this video is how nervous Kendall's dad is before he surprises his daughter. We never really think about that -- it must be nerve-racking for these men and women to attempt pulling off these surprises.

But we're certainly glad they do. They're completely adorable and utterly uplifting.

How great is this?


Image via ABC13Channel/YouTube

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