Ann Romney's 'Good Morning America' Hosting Gig Was Completely Uncalled For (VIDEO)

ann romney on GMASarah Palin may be completely irrelevant (and grasping at straws to garner renewed attention) these days, but it seems we're still suffering from some of the aftermath of the mishigas she subjected us to during her prime time in the national spotlight. Case in point: Ann Romney was on Good Morning America this morning. Not as a guest, but as a fill-in HOST for Robin Roberts (who is on medical leave after undergoing a bone-marrow transplant). Whhhhyyyyy???

And yes, I blaming Sarah, because she was the last political figure involved in a national election to host a morning talk show -- it was TODAY back in April -- in a stunt that made absolutely no sense. Today's Ann Romney appearance made even littler sense. Truly, watching Ann in Roberts' seat should feel like nails on a chalkboard to viewers and voters. Neither the wife of a presidential candidate nor a presidential candidate themselves should be hosting a morning show.


I have no problem with candidates and/or their SOs going on GMA, E!, The View, etc. as guests. Voters watch these shows and might be able to get some helpful info out of a Q&A with President Obama, Michelle Obama, Mitt Romney, or Ann Romney.

But for ABC to hand over the hosting post to someone who is a politically polarizing figure (like Sarah Palin) or, worse yet, a politically polarizing figure actively campaigning in a national election -- like Ann Romney or Michelle Obama -- seems completely irresponsible. Not to mention like a major stunt, a desperate plea to stay in the ratings lead against TODAY.

Like CNN media critic Howard Kurtz put it, the GMA hosting gig should be reserved for journalists -- and the occasional entertainer/host of a similar show, like Stephen Colbert or Oprah Winfrey, who GMA has tapped to co-host. GMA is supposed to be entertainment with a wide, mass appeal, and giving someone like Ann -- who is clearly pushing for her her husband to be elected come November 6 -- a platform is ridiculous. No, she didn't actively campaign during the show, but she didn't need to. Her presence was an appeal to voters in itself. One that had no business goin' down on a nonpartisan talk show.

Here's a clip from this morning's show ...


How do you feel about Ann Romney's GMA hosting gig?


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