Hilarious 'Romney Sons' Spoofs Make This Election Almost Tolerable (VIDEO)

romney boysOh, those lovable Romney boys! Who knows what those five adorable sons of Mitt Romney are up to this time? What with Josh Romney warming up the crowd for his dad with hee-larious jokes about his dad's debate skills and Tagg Romney reportedly single-handedly re-vamping his father's image, every one of those fine upstanding young men (including Craig Romney, Matt Romney, and even Ben Romney) is out there on that long and winding campaign trail -- winning votes for Dear Old Dad. But perhaps more importantly, the Romney Boys are inspiring some dang funny spoofs. I mean, these parodies almost make the current bleak reality of this election worth the suffering.


Are you ready? Here they are ...

4 Seriously Funny Spoofs Inspired by the Romney Boys:

1. Kappas for Romney Can you pick a Romney boy out of a crowd? Nope. That's what was great about the episode of New Girl where Schmidt assumed the identity of a random brother ("Tugg") to win over a hot Kappa for Romney.

2. Jokester Dad You remember Mitt's down-home, aww shucks Father's Day commercial featuring the Romney boys remembering goofball moments from childhood (like the time their dad smelled rancid butter?!?!)? In David Letterman's version, additional son "Merb" has a different sort of recollection.

3. The Romney Boys Mysteries Quite possibly my favorite thing ever in the world, this animated spoof finds the Romney boys trying to solve the mystery of "The Unprofitable Enterprise" -- with a little help from Fred Willard, cause, why not?

4. Romney Rock! Tagg and Craig (pronounced Cragg, of course) LOVE humor. And speaking simultaneously! My favorite episode of this web series is all about the brothers' mutual appreciation of "Internet Humor Videos" such as David After Dentist: "This video is extremely humorous. But it also brings up some interesting questions ... about healthcare in America."

Which 'Romney Sons' spoof is your favorite?

Image via FunnyorDie

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