Teen Girls’ Fight Over Fart Ends in Death (VIDEO)

shaakira dorsey
Shaakira Dorsey
Like lots of 16-year-old kids, Shaakira Dorsey got into a stupid fight with a girl she knew. This fight was so stupid, in fact, that it actually was about farting. Apparently, Dorsey teased another girl after she passed gas, as lots of high school students have done in the past. The difference between this fight and other trivial teenage arguments? This fight ended with Shaakira being killed.


According to reports, after Shaakira poked fun at another girl for her flatulence, an argument didn't just break out, a full-blown fist fight did. And before Shaakira's stepfather was able to intervene, his daughter collapsed. Shortly thereafter, she was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The unnamed suspect has been charged with one count of murder, and she's set to make her first court appearance on Wednesday.

I mean, wow. I'm not trying to trivialize anything here, but -- a child was just murdered over a fart. That's ... well, that's unbelievable.

Teenagers obviously do stupid things and get into stupid fights all the time, but typically they wind up resolving themselves, or at the very least, the kids just wind up going their own ways (perhaps after some punches have been thrown). But to kill another person over something as stupid as this? I mean, how do you even digest this scenario?

No doubt the girl suspected of murdering Shaakira is going to regret this for the rest of her life -- no matter what the legal outcome. I don't know if killing Shaakira was her intention, but she did, and now she has to live with it. And what's she going to say to people when they asked why she did it? Awful.

How terrible is this? What's the dumbest fight you've ever gotten into?

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