Doctor in Coma Visits Heaven & Comes Back to Tell Us About It (VIDEO)

Probably the single most fundamental question we all ask ourselves is, What happens after we die? None of us know. No one has ever come back from the dead to tell us. Well, that's not entirely true. If you do a search on "heaven" on Amazon, there are dozens of books written by people claiming to have been to heaven. Everything from Heaven Is for Real to Heaven Is So Real to 90 Minutes in Heaven to The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven. Only a few scattered self-published souls claim claim to have seen hell. And usually that's because God "allowed" them to, not because they were badly behaved.

The latest heavenly traveler turned book author is neurosurgeon Eben Alexander. In his new book about his experience in heaven, heaven is a distinctly girly place filled with pink clouds, butterflies, and beautiful blue-eyed women. In short, it's a Disney flick.


In 2008, Alexander had a bout of bacterial meningitis that put him into a coma for a week. When he finally came to, he began to remember where he'd been. Was it Iowa? Of course not, silly. It was heaven! Duh!

In Alexander's heaven as described in his new book Proof of Heaven, there are butterflies everywhere, cotton candy-like clouds, angle-like winged creatures, and a lot of chanting. There's a beautiful female heaven guide. Says Alexander:

She was young, and I remember what she looked like in complete detail. She had high cheekbones and deep-blue eyes. Golden brown tresses framed her lovely face.

Well, of course she was young and beautiful. Who would send a plain-looking, big-nosed, gap-toothed, chubby, middle-aged heaven guide?

All of these heaven books bring up some questions for me. If heaven is so fanfreakingtastic, why not commit suicide and go straight back there? I think it's because no matter how fanfreakingtastic your heaven experience was, you must have just a little doubt that this is an actual place, as opposed to a "brain place" -- one that exists, like a dream does, only in your mind. Not to mention that maybe this life, no matter how stupid and annoying sometimes, is still better than angels and pink clouds.

And how come no two heavens are ever the same in these books? If heaven is indeed an actual place and not just your brain neurons on overdrive while trying to heal from major trauma, wouldn't heaven be the same for us all?

Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful to think that there's something to look forward to after we die. And I have loved ones I truly hope and believe I will see again. But no matter how much any of us believe in heaven, I notice few of us are eager to get there.

Alexander's experience appears in this video narrated by Morgan Freeman, who could recite his grocery list and make it sound like it came straight from God.

Do you believe in heaven? Have you or anyone you know had a heavenly experience?


Image via SciFi Channel

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