Rebellious Kids Should Get the Death Penalty, Says Politician

electric chairJust when you thought this election season couldn't get any nuttier, an Arkansas Republican named Charlie Fuqua came out of the woodwork with the most crazypants idea yet. The lawyer and candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives says we need to create a death penalty for "rebellious children."

Yes, you read that right. Death. Children. You see where the crazypants comes in, don't you?


Fuqua's bizarro idea came out in a book he wrote called God's Law (because of course), where he points out that society is based on the family, and lets us know that he thinks kids who are a little too rowdy are destroying the whole thing. Dude apparently hasn't heard of science, or at least the fact that sometimes kids are rebellious because the hormones surging through their bodies make it hard not to be.

Oh, and lest you think Fuqua's actually hiding something -- you know, like bodies of children who dared mouth off to him -- he insists that this wouldn't be a means for parents to go off half-cocked and put a bullet in their kid's forehead. Oh, no! He says this killing kids thing would all be on the up and up:

This passage does not give parents blanket authority to kill their children. They must follow the proper procedure in order to have the death penalty executed against their children ...

Proper. Procedure. To kill a child?

I can't help wondering what the procedure for getting permission to use the death penalty on your child would look like, exactly. "Hey Judge, I can't get my kid to stop smoking cigarettes, can I plant a bullet in his brain?" "Why yes, my good man, that's so much easier than making him eat a pack or plastering his room with posters of blackened lungs!"

Or maybe it's, "Your kid got a tattoo? By all means, off with his head!"

I'd be tempted to roll my eyes if only Fuqua hadn't already served in the Arkansas Legislature. They've already elected this wingnut at least once! There's the chance that he could be brought back into the House to serve up these kind of ridiculous laws and try to get them passed.

And if we have a guy who thinks children should be killed for just being kids actually getting elected, I have to wonder what's next? Politicians publicly announcing their support of genocide? Infanticide? Where does it end?

What do you think of Fuqua's idea for a death penalty for rebellious children?


Image via Cam Genereux/Flickr

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