Smart Women Don’t Want to Be Called Sexy & Other Asinine, Outdated Myths

high heelsNewsflash: Feminists can be sexy, too! Did you know? Deborah Needleman apparently did not. Over the weekend, The New York Times T Magazine editor sent out a tweet: "The sexy (sorry feminists), smart, sassy Katie Roiphe live on stage @nypl on Wednesday night" And women all over the Twitterverse found themselves scratching their heads and wondering who hypnotized Deborah Needleman into thinking she's Archie Bunker.

Aw geez, Aunt Debby! Women are totally okay with calling each other sexy and still being taken seriously. Especially over Twitter, where nothing is taken that seriously (except those Rihanna/Chris Brown rumors -- those we take very seriously). Where have you been? It's such a retro thing to say, I'm kind of embarrassed for her. And that brings me to the #sorryfeminists hash tag.


"I do not think that word means what you think it means. #sorryfeminists," one user tweeted back at Needham. And a fun, new hashtag was born: #sorryfeminists. What happened next pretty much divided the world into two groups: Women with a sense of humor and everyone else.

@dELYSEious I think wearing a bra is more comfortable when it's not on fire. #sorryfeminists

@embeedub Disappointed with my hair today. #sorryfeminists

@lynn_cody I love nothing more than to laugh with a salad #sorryfeminists

@verylemonade #sorryfeminists I did not do enough misandry today

@amaeryllis Size matters. #sorryfeminists #sorryrush

And now it's a hit Tumblr: Sorry, Feminists!

Anyway, something tells me this meme has shorter legs than the Big Bird meme did (still does?). And I suspect Deborah tweeted what she did just to prove Katie Roiphe's point about "Mockery Feminists." But enough of that! The point is, I love that women came back at this absurd stereotype (serious wymyn hate being called sexy) with humor. They saw it, they recognized it as ridonkulous, and then they laughed their heads off.

Because guess what? Not only are feminist totally A-OK with being called sexy (go ahead, call me sexy ANY TIME YOU WANT TO, I mean it), we also like laughing. So thank you, Aunt Debby, for giving us something hilarious to laugh about today. You rocked my Monday, you sexy dame, you!

How do you feel about other people referring to you as sexy?


Image via d u y g u/Flickr

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