Woman Left Infertile by Childhood Rape Gets Miracle Chance at Motherhood (VIDEO)

Jennifer Schuett
Jennifer Schuett
Do you believe in miracles? I'm talking big miracles, bigger even than the Olympic hockey kind? The real deal, life is good, and people are better kind? You will after you hear how a little girl raped and left to die more than 20 years ago is about to become a mom the way she always wanted.

The thing is, doctors didn't think Jennifer Schuett would ever talk again. They never thought she'd be able to have children after the vile pig who stole her from her bedroom in the middle of the night and violated her gave her an infection that destroyed her fallopian tube.

But folks, it's happening! It's a miracle!


And the fertility doctor who decided to donate his services to give Jennifer and her fiance their shot at a family is a miracle man! The mere fact that he stepped in restores your faith in the people. After all, it seems wildly unfair that a little girl would have her chance at motherhood stolen from her.

But then, it's wildly unfair that an 8-year-old girl would be stolen from her bedroom, viciously assaulted, and left to die. Jennifer Schuett was every bit the innocent victim here; she'd done nothing to deserve the horrors she underwent. 

So I guess it's only fitting that the miracles of modern medicine were able to give her back something she thought she'd lost. If they needed to work on anyone, it's a woman like Jennifer Schuett, a woman who deserves something so good and so pure.

Dr. Craig Witz, who offered up his services to help Jennifer get pregnant, told the Today show he was very touched by Jennifer's story. And really, who wouldn't be? This 8-year-old was taken to hell and back, and she came out fighting. She got her voice back after having her throat slit. She spent nearly 20 years helping cops catch her attacker. And now, 22 years after that horrible ordeal, she's still fighting, once again able to prove that what happened to her in 1990 won't hold her back.

Still think miracles are bogus? Didn't think so!

Check out Jennifer's incredible story in her own words:

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What do you make of this incredible woman?

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