Wedding Reception Brawl Ends in Death & Arrests (VIDEO)

When couples get married and exchange the "for better or worse" vows, most of them probably don't expect that the "worse" part will start right away. Like ... at the reception. But that's what happened in Philadelphia when several wedding parties clashed in the lobby of the same hotel. Apparently two brothers at one of the receptions got into an argument and began fighting. Classy wedding behavior. And then someone threw something that hit another guest. And then all hell broke loose.


Dozens of people, still in their wedding gear, began brawling in the lobby of the Society Hill Sherton. A quick thinking teen tourist staying in the hotel ran to a balcony to record the chaos for posterity. Wonder where the wedding videographer was?

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Police were called. In the video of the melee, you can see one woman in a long red dress being dragged by two cops. Another woman hits a cop from behind. Police pummel one guy with their batons. You can also see one bride in her gown running down the street. The whole thing is like a scene from a movie: Four Weddings, Several Arrests, a Dozen Black Eyes & a Funeral. That's because there will be a funeral too. The uncle of the one of the brides had a fatal heart attack. No word whether he was involved in the brawl.

You have to wonder what could get people into such a fightin' mood at a wedding. Ordered the beef but got the fish? Found out it was a cash bar? Was the bride still freaked out from her groom's psychotic proposal?

What is going on with weddings? We've got brides who set out to humiliate their bridesmaids with ugly dresses or long, harping emails. Is it Bridezillas? Is it the Real Housewiving of America? Is everyone losing their damn minds?

I have seen brides try to desperately figure out how to include everyone in a wedding party -- even people who hate each other. Dysfunctional families and booze are never a great combo. Elopement really isn't a bad idea sometimes.

Does this bode badly for the marriages?


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