Toddler Buried for 2 Years in Mom's Yard But No One Reported Him Missing

police lineWhen cops found the remains of 17-month-old Justin Kowalczik in his parents' backyard on Long Island last week, it had to be a surprise. There was no Amber Alert that led them there. There wasn't even a missing child report. And yet the boy's mother has admitted to the police that her son died two years ago.

Two years. Two YEARS?! What kind of person waits two years -- and until cops are already sniffing around -- to report a child's death?


Oh right, a person who is hiding something baaaaad.

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I know, I know, innocent until proven guilty, court of law, all that jazz. From the legal perspective we know nothing. 

But let's be honest with ourselves here. Something stinks in the town of Farmingdale, New York, and it smells an awful lot like crappy parenting.

The cops apparently descended on Heather Kowalczik's backyard last week after child services stopped in to check on her middle child, 6-year-old Alex, who has autism. They found a mom who was pretending to have three kids, but only two of them were actually seen -- Alex and his 9-year-old brother Robert Rodriguez Jr. Little Justin was supposedly upstate with relatives in Middletown, New York. Only you know what they found when they went looking for Justin ...

So far there are no details on how Justin died, just that Mom gave up the whereabouts of his body and that he is only the half-sibling of his big brothers. Well that, and Robert Rodriguez Sr., the father of the two older boys doesn't live with Heather, but he's now being listed by various media as a person of interest in Justin's death.

Maybe he did it. Maybe not. If he did, he's a despicable human being who should have the book thrown at him. But there has to be consequence too for a mother who let two years pass while her child lay cold in the ground in her backyard, all the while pretending he's alive. There has to be a reason for it, and that reason can't be good.

Do you have any sympathy for the parents here? Is there really an excuse for hiding their child's death for two years?


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