James Holmes Halloween Mask Is Beyond Disrespectful to the Colorado Shooting Victims (PHOTOS)

James HolmesWhen James Holmes walked into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, armed with his weapons, he destroyed so many lives. He killed 12 people and wounded 58 during The Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere, but he also traumatized everyone who was there that night and threw our nation into mourning. That was in July. That was less than three months ago.

Now, some guy thinks it's a great idea to sell a James Holmes Halloween mask on eBay. Luckily for everyone, eBay pulled the listing because it violated their policy. But still. Someone thought that was a good idea. It's chilling. 

Apparently it's a one of a kind mask that was made for a collector, not something that is being mass produced, so that should provide some comfort. But not much. The description, as it read, is below:


SHOCK EVERYONE YOU KNOW! There is nothing more scary than crawling into James Holmes mind and wearing his face. His ‘soul penetrating eyes’ and ‘The Joker’ orange hair makes this mask the most disturbing object you will ever own. Imagine owning the mask of supposedly the most dangerous mass murderer in US history.

Look, some things are just "too soon" while others may never be OK when it comes to Halloween. For instance, a person may come dressed as a victim of the Titanic to a Halloween party even though, in its day, that was a horrific tragedy. Some people (like me) might think it's poor taste, but I bet the vast majority wouldn't.

Many people dress as Salem witches; even that represented a pitifully awful time in our country. But no one could ever come dressed as Hitler and expect to make it through a party.

It's a fine line, it's true. I once saw a couple come dressed as Scott and Laci Peterson, replete with fishing boat and seaweed. Some people thought it was funny. I didn't. So maybe it depends on who you are. Maybe Halloween is never a time to exploit human suffering and crime and tragedy.

Whatever happened to just dressing up like a pirate? Oh wait ... 

The fact is, everything can be tied to some tragedy. Most of the time it's just a matter of how long it has been and how big the tragedy was. I don't think there is a single person who would think a James Holmes mask this Halloween would be OK. And my guess is there are many people who would say it was NEVER OK.

For me, it's really a matter of taste. Why would you dress as something that would hurt people when you could just as easily dress as a movie character or something funny? Have a little respect.

This mask was completely disrespectful and I applaud eBay for taking it down.

Here it is:

James Holmes

James Holmes

Do you think someone could dress as James Holmes? What about other tragedies on Halloween? Are they OK?


Image via Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office and Ebay

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