Whether Mitt Romney Used A Cheat Sheet Or Not, Big Bird's Still Pissed (VIDEO)

Big Bird fires back at Mitt RomneySo there's all this hoo-hah going on around on the Internet questioning whether or not Mitt Romney used a cheat sheet at the debate on Wednesday night. The Republican nominee was filmed taking something out of his pocket and putting it onto the podium, which could be a pretty big deal because no notes were allowed. His camp is 100 percent denying the accusations, saying it was a handkerchief. This isn't high school math class, I believe Romney's smarter than that.

While Handkeegate is SO totally enthralling, I'm still caught up with the Big Bird shenanigans. Here at The Stir, we've thrown around a few ideas for other job possibilities for our feathered friend and adjusted Mitt Romney's campaign song accordingly.

Seems that Big Bird is still PRETTY heated about the whole ordeal, too. The yellow guy is fuming in a new Funny or Die clip. Trust me, it's something you've GOT to see.

WARNING: VERY NSFW. Unlike Sesame Street -- this is NOT to be watched around ANY children.


I don't know if I've ever seen so many expletives used at once. Big Bird's mad, rightfully so, and well -- I always had a feeling the big guy had a dark side. And is it just me, or does this guy not sound a little bit like Joe Pesci?

OK, but really though, everyone's had their fun. It's time to move on. Yes, the Big Bird thing was unexpected and made a splash on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. However, there are loads of other important things the candidates touched on in Wednesday night's debate that deserve the same type of national attention. Plus, I don't like seeing my childhood bud like this.

Do you agree we need to drop this Big Bird drama and move on? What do you think of Hankeegate?


Image via Funny or Die

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