5 Burglars Who Are So Super-Nice You'll Want to Invite Them Over for Tea

cleaning suppliesHey, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? All kinds of people -- good people -- are being forced to lead lives of crime these days, which must be why suddenly we're hearing more stories than ever about nice burglars. Robbers with hearts of gold. There truly is honor among these thieves, or at least remorse. And so I hope that none of the following compassionate crooks were punished too severely for their crimes. Personally, I don't think I would even press charges.

Check out their crazy stories and you'll see what I mean:


A Clean Sweep:

An Ohio woman was nicknamed "the cleaning fairy" for breaking into people's homes to take out the trash, wash dishes and vacuum the carpets, leaving nothing behind but a bill for $75. (Which really isn't a bad deal.) If only I lived in Ohio!

All Apologies:

Turns out a guilt complex can be quite the roadblock to success for thieving types. Just ask the Ontario burglar who stole a bunch of expensive things (like an Xbox and a digital camera) from some random family's home -- and then returned it all with an apology note and $50 to pay for damage to the window.

Deck the Halls:

Hey, bath salts get a bad rap for making people eat other people's faces and all that, but what about the dude in Ohio who broke into a house and decorated it for Christmas while allegedly high on the drug? Another Festivus miracle!

Good Samaritan:

Probably my favorite burglar ever, a man who stole two cell phones and a wallet out of a parked car was so disgusted when he found child porn images on one of the phones that he turned himself in so he could help authorities investigate the pervert (and they caught him, too!).

Mother's Helper:

Just because a person is a car thief doesn't mean he's a kidnapper, sheesh! Which is why a homeless man who drove off in a car left idling (by a woman and her boyfriend who were fishing off a nearby pier) made an abrupt u-turn when he noticed the woman's 2-year-old son in the backseat. Not only did he bring the car back, he gave the mom a lecture on leaving her son unattended!

So, what you do think?

Would you press charges against any of these burglars?


Image via Wayne Wilkinson/Flickr



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