Is Your Household Politically Divided? (VIDEO)

Moms Matter 2012Imagine driving past a house each day and seeing gigantic signs for Mitt Romney AND Barack Obama plastered across the fence.

That's the reality for one suburban Nashville family: One spouse is a diehard Democrat, the other is a staunch Republican. We spent an afternoon with them recently -- you've got to see the hilarious and thought-provoking results for yourself. Check out our Moms Matter video after the jump -- then tell us in the comments if YOU live in a house divided! Could you?


Can you believe it?

As you can imagine, the Gilds are the talk of their neighborhood when election time rolls around -- and their excitement about politics seems to have rubbed off on their neighbors. There are far more campaign signs on the Gilds' street than you'd see in the average neighborhood.

Whether or not you and your spouse agree politically, I think there's a lesson to be learned here for any parent. Politics and national issues are a regular topic of discussion in the Gild house, and it has had a noticeable impact on the Gilds' children. All three boys have a much clearer understanding of the world around them than most kids their age. This is a good reminder to me to make age appropriate current events a regular topic at the dinner table each night. Our kids are always listening -- at least until they become teenagers!

So ... what do you think of the Gilds? Can you believe they've managed to make their marriage work? Do you and your spouse differ politically?


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