Romney's '47 Percent' Response Is Late … or Is It Right on Time? (VIDEO)

mitt romney 47 percent fox news completely wrongEvery election year, the term "flip-flopper" seems to get thrown around at an increasingly ridiculous rate. But this go-round, Mitt Romney seems to hold the record for a dizzying number of them. And what might be the worst offense thus far? The GOP candidate's brand new, seriously bizarre flip-flop on his "47 percent" remark.

Back when the secretly taped footage of Mitt at a $50K-a-plate fundraiser came out, the nation's collective jaw dropped at his comment that 47 percent of voters have the gall to believe they are "entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it." And then, of course, when he was asked what the hell he meant by that, he said the problem was that the remarks were "not elegantly stated," but he was still pretty much standing by the "substance" of the comment. Aaaaand now?


Now, October surprise! Romney has thrown his stance on the "47 percent" issue in complete reverse. He admits that mistakes happen when you're out there campaigning to be POTUS, and "in this case, I said something that’s just completely wrong." Excuuuuse me? What happened to standing by the remark? Must have taken him 'til now to realize just how damaging it is (you know, poll-wise) to keep standing by it, and looking repentant will win more votes.

Check out the statement he gave on FOX News (of course).

If he was really all that repentant, don't you think he might want to offer us an explanation of what he actually meant by his comments at that fundraiser? Instead of just trying to distract us with a new flag-waving "I'm for the 100 percent" campaign line?

Look, I'm all for a politician occasionally changing his or her course selectively. Like when it's actually because they truly experienced something that helped them see the error of their ways, or realized a new, official stance was the best thing for the American people (such was the case with Obama coming out for same-sex marriage). But when they pretend to eat their words and it's so transparent and their new position is so obviously disingenuous, it's laughable to me how they think they can pull the wool over voters' eyes. Guess we'll see come November 6 if this out-of-the-blue course reversal does Mitt any good.

What do you think about Mitt's new flip-flop?


Image via Andrew Kaczynski/YouTube

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