Inmate Sucker Punches His Lawyer in the Face After Hearing Sentence (VIDEO)

prisoner punches lawyerDown goes Hall! Yesterday, in a South Carolina courtroom, an inmate who had pleaded guilty to robbery, drug, and assault charges sucker punched his lawyer in the face. It's been reported that Lamarcus Williamson had just received a 15-year sentence for his crimes when he started fidgeting, then, blam, he clocked public defender Dan Hall square in the jaw. The lawyer fell to the ground and the court constable grabbed Williamson and dragged him out of there. And of course, it was all caught on tape.


The punch is going to get Williamson an extra charge of contempt of court, which will add about six months of jail time onto his already very long sentence.

I'm sure we've all wanted to punch our attorney, or our boss, or our teachers, or our parents in the nose before, but it's common decency and a sense of self-respect that stop most people from acting on any sort of violent impulse. Clearly Williamson thought he had nothing to lose and went for it anyway, but jeez, way to drive the point home that you're a dangerous criminal, buddy. Hammering a man, in front of a judge who's responsible for your jail time, is not a bright move.

Attorney Hall laughed off the incident and says he understands that in courtrooms, emotions run high. He also said he's got a sore jaw and that he's "no boxer."

One thing can be taken away from this madness, though -- those restraints aren't as restrictive as they seem. One minute the defendant's hands look like they're safely cuffed, the next you've got a fist in your face and you're seeing stars. I bet next time Hall will double check if those things are tight, tight, tight.

Watch the insanity:

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