Big Bird Fired?!! 8 New Careers He May Be Forced to Consider

bigbird9Don't Jump, Big Bird!If Mitt Romney really likes Big Bird, he should consider what kind of a future his feathered friend will have if Sesame Street does indeed get shut down. Think about it: Big Bird's had the same gig for over 30 years now -- he can't possibly have the skill set necessary to compete in today's fiercely competitive job market! Sure, he knows his ABC's, but that won't help him get hired -- not with potential job cuts looming in the education field, too.

But without gainful employment, Big Bird's gonna end up out on the street (not that street -- you know what I mean). Nobody wants that (not those of us who actually DO like Big Bird, anyway).

So, based on his qualifications, here are a few careers Big Bird might want to consider exploring ...

Image via Christopher Paulin/Flickr

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