Twisted Man Threatened to Murder School Children Just to 'Go Out With a Bang'

Patrick Joseph HudsonPatrick Joseph Hudson is a Texas 19-year-old who is in loads of trouble today after making some very disturbing, "terrorist" threats in a chat room. Hudson said things like: "What better way to go out with a bang than killing a bunch of little kids?" Makes you feel so safe, right?

While it's true that there are a frightening amount of sicko freaks out in our world right now, it does give me some measure of comfort to know that, at least in this case, these threats were handled well.

When someone is planning a horrific crime like the one we saw last summer at The Dark Knight premiere, there are warning signs. In the months following the James Holmes massacre in a Colorado movie theater, we were suddenly inundated with moments where he could have been stopped. 


For the families who lost loved ones, it must have been so painful to know that if someone had taken more time to take his threats and words seriously, then maybe the mass killing could have been prevented.

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Who knows how many children Hudson may have killed if given the chance. And while it's easy to say that he was only joking or talking about "fantasies," it's a crime to make such threats publicly, and most normal people don't fantasize about shooting little children.

Personally, I feel safer living in a society that takes threats like this seriously. Let's recall that Hudson also said that he would like to leave a few of his young potential victims alive so they would be messed up for life. He also said he wanted live-stream the shooting and asked other users if they knew how to stream from a certain kind of camera.

What a sick, twisted piece of crap this guy is. As a mother, I am disgusted that such a man even exists. He is only 19. It makes me wonder what his own mother did so wrong to produce such a horrible person.

It should give us all great faith, though. The people in the chat room knew to report it. The people they reported it to knew to take it seriously. And now, Hudson will never be able to carry out his "fantasy" or make it real.

Maybe we have learned something from all the mass killings.

Do you think this guy deserves to be in trouble?


Image via the Italian voice/Flickr

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