Teacher Who Had Group Sex With Students Tries to Play the Victim Card (VIDEO)

brittni collepsOn Glee, it was all fun and games when Puck began flirting with his teacher (played by Idina Menzel). It was smirky and kiiiinda sexy when Pacey Witter got it on with his teacher on Dawson's Creek. But, in real life, when high school teachers and students have sex, no one is "wink, wink"-ing. There are some serious consequences. Even when the students involved are of consenting age. 

Case in point: Once-Texas high school teacher and now convicted felon Brittni Colleps was shot via cellphone cam having group sex with four 18- and 19-year-old students at her suburban home. Colleps appeared in a 20/20 jailhouse interview with Deborah Roberts, and she says, "I felt like I was victimized in that video, because did not, I never gave my consent for it." Uh, whaaaat?


Honestly, I'm not 100 percent flabbergasted by her remark. It's definitely unnerving that the guys took the video without Colleps' consent. But, at the same time, she's got to be kidding, right?

She had to have known she was playing with CRAAAZY fire here, doing something well outside the bounds of what's considered socially acceptable. Because regardless of the students' ages, they were still students -- and as Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Beach, who prosecuted Colleps' case, said, "The teacher has more power. And so the teacher can use that power to sexually exploit students in the classroom, even if those students are 18 years old."

Plus, come on, how could she be surprised by 18- and 19-year-old guys filming the incident without her consent? Not that that's right, either -- it certainly wouldn't be if the student-teacher dynamic wasn't involved -- but it's just unsurprising. 

So to now, flip it around and attempt to play the victim card? I just don't see how she thinks she's going to garner any sympathy, given the crazy train she was the conductor of.

Here's a segment from Colleps' interview ...


How do you feel about Colleps' comment that she was victimized?


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