3 Teachers’ Alleged Sex With 3 Students Makes 1 Disgusting Scandal

apple for teacherParents may like to think that most of these teacher-student relationships we hear about almost every day start unintentionally at first. Teacher and student get a little too close, and before you know it -- hey we're all human -- they start having sex. They know it's wrong, and go to great lengths to hide it, but emotions blur all sense of logic at this point, and the affair continues until they are caught.

But it's really really difficult to feel any kind of empathy whatsoever for three male teachers who basically started a "date a student club" at a New Jersey high school. Not one teacher was caught having a sexual relationship with his student, but two of his teacher buddies were dating underage teens at the school as well. They all colluded and condoned what each other was doing.


It appears they even all went to the beach together. Then throw in two principals who knew about it and covered it up, and wow, this blows a lot of those other teacher/student sex stories out of the water. Didn't they learn anything from Sandusky? And we all thought drugs, drinking, and underage sex were the biggest things to fear for our kids in high school. Nope, it's definitely the teachers.

At least two of the teachers were also gym teachers or coaches, and not to reinforce stereotypes or anything, but sometimes high school jocks who grow up to be high school jocks never stop thinking, acting, or breathing like high school jocks, and stupid gets the better of them.

Being that it appears they all knew each other, you know the teachers, all in their late 20s/30s, had to be comparing notes on the girls they were seeing. Yuck. It sounds like it was all one big game to them. At least the teacher in England who ran away with his 15-year-old student probably really loved the girl, as delusional as it was. The community aspect to this makes the New Jersey crime feel 10 times ickier.

As you can imagine, the school pretty much cleaned house and suspended the teachers and got rid of the administrators (one was already gone), and all have been arrested and are facing sex assault and cover-up charges. Those hallways have to be buzzing with excitement today, and not about the algebra test.

What part of this story disgusts you the most? Is it the three teachers? The principals that covered it up? Anything else?

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