Barack Obama Versus Mitt Romney: Who Is the Bigger Liar?

debate Obama and RomneyThe pundits are still going back and forth about who won last night's presidential debate in Denver. It seems many agree that on style and passion, Romney brought it home. But on content and depth, Obama was the winner.

Still, like in all debates, there are hundreds of lies that need to be sorted through before anyone can be declared the real winner because, let's face it, no matter how passionate a person seems, if they are lying, they can't "win."

We went through all the fact check articles and sites and came up with a tally of who told more whoppers Wednesday night. You're welcome. See below:


Mitt Romney:

  1. Jobs: Romney said 23 million people were "out of work" when, in fact, it's half that. That figure also includes part-timers who stopped looking for full-time work.
  2. PBS Whopper: Mitt Romney came out swinging at "Big Bird" as though he is somehow responsible for our sorry economy. In fact, PBS is 0.01 percent of the federal budget.
  3. Money Hypocrisy: Romney said: "The place you put your money is a pretty good indication of where your heart is." Let's recall all of his off-shore accounts, shall we?
  4. NFIB: Romney used the National Federation of Independent Business to make Obama's tax plan look bad, but they aren't what they sound. In fact, they are a mostly corporate, Republican group.
  5. "Obamacare": Let's recall that ROMNEY DESIGNED THE MASSACHUSETTS plan he claims is very different from Obamacare. Meanwhile, a former Romney adviser has called the health plans "the same f*cking bill." Hmmm.
  6. Medicare: Romney claimed that Obamacare cut over $700 billion from Medicare, which is just a bold faced lie. Also: Paul Ryan’s budget has those cuts, too. Obama's cuts were from providers. In fact, they will extend the life of the program.
  7. Small Businesses: Romney's claim that Obama wants to raise taxes on "small businesses" is tricky, indeed. It invokes this idea that Obama wants to tax independent bookstores and general stores. He doesn't. Let's recall there are many huge corporations, like Koch Industries, for instance, "the country’s second-largest privately held corporation," who are in that grouping. Boo-hoo.
  8. Double Deficit?: According to "Obama inherited $1.2T deficit when he took office in FY2009, which ended with $1.4T deficit." Who does Romney's math?
  9. Biased "Studies": Romney says six studies favor his tax plan, but fails to mention those studies were conducted by HIS advisers, not by a neutral party. In fact, the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center has poked some major holes in his plan.
  10. Overseas Money: Romney claimed he is "not aware" of any tax deduction for moving a company overseas. But Obama is right. That provision exists.

Barack Obama:

  1. Insurance: Obama says people will receive an insurance rebate. In fact, most rebates will go to employers, not individuals.
  2. Obama's Tax Plan: Obama says he’d increase tax rate on high-income earners to no more than they paid under Clinton. That is not exactly true.
  3. Military Spending: Obama claimed Romney is proposing "$2 trillion in additional military spending" that the military hasn't asked for. In fact, that spending is over 10 years and is based on the Defense Department lowering their budget by a half trillion as well.
  4. Jobs: Obama claimed to have created five million jobs in the private sector. In fact, that number is only true of part of his term and would be much lower if it went back to January 2009. It also doesn't account for all the lost public-sector jobs. Let's recall the unemployment rate is STILL 8 percent. Hmmm.
  5. Healthcare: Obama claims health care costs have gone up more slowly because of his health care law when, in fact, the 50-year decline in health costs is probably much more likely caused by the sluggish economy.

I'd say this debate may have been won in style by Romney, but in substance, WOW, is Romney a liar. You can be all passionate and direct, but if the things you are saying are all big, fat lies, then who cares?

I think it's safe to say Obama values the truth more than Romney. And to me, that makes Obama the clear winner here.

See the debate below:

Who do you think won the debate?


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