Big Bird, Jim Lehrer, and More in Our Post-Debate Google Hangout! (VIDEO)

Google HangoutWas Jim Lehrer asleep? Was President Obama yearning for his teleprompter? Will Big Bird be fired if Mitt Romney is elected president?

These are the burning questions after last night's debate -- and these topics (and MANY more) were discussed after the debate during our Moms Matter Google Hangout.

This time around, we heard from political bloggers Nadia Jones and Christine Luhnow, as well as The Stir blogger Adriana Velez.

Click through to see what they had to say!


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I don't know about you, but I'm loving these Google Hangouts. It's great hearing others' perspectives, seeing issues from their respective points-of-view, and proving that women CAN disagree and still be civil and polite. Yes. Even on The Stir.

I knew this could happen! I KNEW IT!

What did you think of the debate? Let us know in the comments! And tell us which blogger you'd like to see in an upcoming Google Hangout!


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