First Presidential Debate Is Like a Boardroom Smackdown

romney ryab

I was just laughing with a friend that even though I am a moderate, I never sound like one. But seriously, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney brought it. He needed to and he did. He came off like a CEO dressing down a CFO for not keeping the lid on spending. And that's appropriate because we are electing a CEO for this country who needs to put the lid back on spending.


I thought President Barack Obama had a good line, though, when Romney was going on about tax breaks for oil companies and Obama said, "Okay, yeah, they got them but it's time to end 'em." Even though I have said many times I think Obama is at heart a very decent person, I do think he looked a little shaken at times in this first Presidential Debate. Especially when Romney just kept hitting the numbers. "The proof," he said over and over, "is in the 23 million without jobs, it's in the 1 in 6 in poverty, it's in the 47 million on food stamps."

My favorite part of the whole debate was when Romney said he really liked what he did in Massachusetts to create healthcare reform. But he reminded voters, he didn't have to raise taxes to do it, and Massachusetts could afford it. And he also pointed out that he worked with a Democratic legislature in a truly bi-partisan effort to implement reform in that state. That is so important for moderates and Independents to hear. It's just the nuance they need to hear when the Republican message has been so black and white about repealing Obamacare on Day One. Because even though we may need to go back to the drawing board, we do need to reform healthcare. We can't just throw the baby out with the bathwater. Americans want to know they won't be punished for being sick by being denied benefits for pre-existing conditions and they need to know their kids can stay on their policies. 

I also liked when Romney said his Medicare plan is not as heartless as people want to portray it. Those with the highest income wouldn't get the same benefits as those with less money to spend. And that's appropriate.

Kudos to Romney, too, for pointing out that while he is going to cut taxes, he is also going to eliminate a lot of the deductions or loopholes, not just for the wealthy, but also the middle class. I kept wanting him to invoke "The Gipper" (Ronald Reagan) every time Obama brought up those 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy he says Romney is planning to make. I just needed Romney to stop, laugh and say, "Oh, there you go again!" Because even though he answered the charge in the first question, it came up in almost everyone of Obama's answers after that. Really at some point it was such an obvious tactic, it needed to be mentioned.

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