Thief Steals Grandfather’s Only Photos of 6-Year-Old Granddaughter Killed in Aurora Shooting

big tall guyUnbelievably sad news out of Colorado today -- Robert Sullivan, grandfather of Veronica Moser-Sullivan, the youngest victim of the Aurora movie theater shooting, claims four cameras were stolen from his home. On one of the cameras? The last photos taken of 6-year-old Veronica before she was killed.

Shooter James Holmes allegedly took her life, and now some other criminal has allegedly stolen her memory. It's just sick.


If the camera thief happens to be reading this, listen up, jerkface. Keep the cameras, whatever, but just drop off the memory card in the Sullivans' mailbox. You're better than this. Sure, you broke into a home and took some electronics, your code of ethics is already compromised, but come on, you don't need those pictures, just give them back. Don't be a dick.

Can you imagine what Robert Sullivan must be going through right now? On July 20, he lost his granddaughter, and on October 2, he lost all the photos of her. Well, all but one. He still has that now iconic photo of her licking an ice cream cone. But everything else is gone. 

I hope this bad guy comes to his or her senses and finds a way to return the memory card, but, you know, even if Robert never gets those photos back, I'm sure he'll always remember Veronica. He'll have the snapshots he took with his mind and the imprints he took with his heart. Those can't be taken from him. Sounds cheesy, but I mean it. He'll never, ever be able to forget his granddaughter.

And if the world's doing something right, neither will we.

Can you believe this?


Photo via bigtallguy/Flickr

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