8-Year-Old Allegedly Forced to Act Out 'Porn' by Other Kids Isn't Necessarily Being Sexually Abused

This is one of those stories that will sicken and horrify you, but it will also make you think. Parents of an 8-year-old boy are suing a university that runs a second grade school where their son was a student. They say their son was forced into acting out scenes from pornographic videos that students found online using school computers. They say their son was forced to engage in sex acts with other students. They say their son suffered "horrific abuse." I say this sounds tragic and horrible. I also say the parents weren't there and don't know what went on. I say that kids that young play sex games. And they don't know it's wrong. In fact, it's natural for kids to act out sexually with each other.


According to the lawsuit against Ball State University, which runs Burris Laboratory School in Muncie, Indiana, the students had access to porno on the school computers. If so, this is very bizarre. Most workplaces can't access pornography sites, let alone schools. Were these really porno sites? Or were they finding stuff on YouTube and other places? Either way, kids should not be able to access sexually explicit material online at school. (If that happened. This was alleged.)

The lawsuit says that four children would then "act the scenes out on each other." Kids do act out adult roles and they can play at sexual behavior. I remember my young friends and I used to dress up "like hookers" (or what we imagined were hookers) and we hadn't even seen Pretty Woman! We grew up in well-manicured suburbia. There were no hookers running around. We were all good kids and none of us were sexually active. We didn't have computers or pornography. What made us think we wanted to be hookers? Or even knew what they looked like? Honestly, looking back, I have zero idea. We were playing around with being "adults" and that's all I know.

The school says that after hearing from a student that four boys were engaging in inappropriate behavior, the matter was immediately reported to authorities and investigated. The school also says the behavior that was investigated is NOT the behavior that is alleged in the lawsuit (some of the behavior includes oral sex). The prosecutor confirmed the incidents were investigated but couldn't say anything else because it involves juveniles.

The parents say their child is traumatized. Maybe he is. Maybe he also is just scared of getting in trouble. Maybe the parents want money from the school. Oh yeah, there is a lawsuit.

Was there some kind of perverse porn-inspired sex ring at this second grade school? Or was there a bunch of curious 8-year-olds playing sex games? Either way, the school had a responsibility to keep that off their property. If they didn't, then that was negligent.

If any kind of sexual games go on at all in school, should the school be sued?


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