Mitt Romney 'Gangnam Style' Parody Is Rich With Hilarious Zingers (VIDEO)

mitt romney styleYou knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's here: Your Mitt Romney Gangnam Style parody video. The folks at CollegeHumor managed to squeeze in almost all the Romney jokes PLUS some super fly dance moves. That original horse-riding step of PSY's was just one hop away from Ann Romney's dressage horse at the Olympics. You know it.


"Horse in the Olympics but I don't even watch them. In and out of loopholes cause I'm so fucking awesome." Not that Romney would ever use that word! But doesn't he think it? He's got "distinguished hair, and a private jet that flies me up in the air." He buys a barn from a farmer and then hangs a Bain Capital sign over it. Well shoot, I guess the farmer's been laid off, then.

Of course there's a 47 percent joke in there! Romney and his wife be benefit hoppin' on a Friday night. Romney posts a "47%" sticker on a waiter's back and then laughs with his cronies -- a droll nod to his cruel prankster bullying youth, don't you know.

But this is almost the best part: Vice President nominee Paul Ryan is this flashy dude in a brigh yellow suit and scarf. "I'm the vee pee nominee, yo budget I be cuttin'. I got the eyes and body so you know I'm gon' be struttin'." He says something about cutting off your social safety net to some old folks and then drives off in a convertible with a dog carrier strapped to the back. Hey, Ryan stole that move from Romney!

Back to Mitt for some pelvis thrusting in an elevator! No, of course he doesn't do it himself. He hires some guy in a suit to do that for him. Then there's a nod to Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood hanging out in his vacation house and we're back to dancing.

"Affluence, extravagance, that's so Mitt!" Okay, affluence yes, but extravagance? That's the only thing they get wrong in this video. They make Mitt look like a gleeful hedonist, smoking cigars and guzzling wine. Guys, he's Mormon, remember? No booze, no smoking. If only Mitt acted like he has FUN with his MUNEE maybe we'd find him a little more relatable. But Mitt's downfall is that he's so disciplined and distanced he's robotic. That's why the video parody I'm waiting for is "I'm the Real Mitt Romney," Eminem-style. Oh wait, that's been done, too!


What do you think of "Mitt Romney Style" -- hilarious and spot on, or just mean and totally off?


Image via College Humor

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