Sex Offenders Fighting to Give Candy on Halloween Make a Highly Offensive Argument

HalloweenA group of registered sex offenders in Simi Valley are banding together to fight a law enacted last month that says they're no longer allowed to pass out candy on Halloween. They say it violates their First Amendment rights, and even worse, they say they are being treated like Jewish people during the Holocaust.

Keep it classy rapists and perverts!

Though it's true that none of the registered offenders has been involved in crimes involving children on Halloween, why take the chance? Simi Valley has asked that they place a sign in front of their house asking that children move on from their residence. To me, as a parent, it makes perfect sense. But their lawyer believes otherwise. She says:


"We can think of what happened in Nazi Germany, where Jews had to appear in public wearing yellow stars."

OK. You may have had me on the First Amendment. I can see how this might feel like a violation, and if you have "done your time," then you should be free back in society. I can even understand how sex offenders should be in prison if they're really such a risk, and these half ass laws meant to protect us only make us scared and angry.

THESE would be decent arguments. As a mom of kids who trick-or-treat on Halloween, I am not sure I would agree with them, but I might certainly be more apt to hear them.

You lost me at Nazi Germany, though. How on EARTH does this lawyer believe that sex offenders -- people who committed crimes against others on their own volition -- not being allowed to pass out Halloween candy is the same thing as gassing an entire race of people and their children? Perspective, please.

This is such a case of Godwin's Law, the law that states that no matter what argument is happening, someone will eventually reference the Holocaust. And it's especially galling here.

No, people who once raped others, you are nothing like the victims of genocide. If we ever start gassing you, then feel free to make the comparison. Until then, seriously, your lawyer is worse than your enemies.

Whatever the final decision is here, clearly they need a more elegant attorney.

Do you think sex offenders should be allowed to have Halloween candy?


Image via Sarah_Ackerman/Flickr

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