5-Year-Old April Jones Is Missing But Arrest of Man Gives Us Hope (VIDEO)

april jonesWe hate hearing about each and every child abduction case that comes our way. These stories break our hearts every time. But once in a while we come across a story with the tiniest sliver of hope and we dare to believe that the child will be found alive -- or at the very least that justice will be served. Five-year-old April Jones has been missing since she disappeared from her neighborhood Monday night. But today the police may have gotten a big break.

A 46-year-old man named Mark Bridger has been arrested in connection with April's disappearance. He's a man known to April's family. Amazingly, police say they are still hoping to find April alive. Do they have reason to be so optimistic?


April was last seen playing with a friend outside near her home. She was seen getting into a gray van -- similar to a van Bridger reportedly drives, and which is now in police custody. Bridger was arrested in the same area where April went missing, which makes it more likely that April is still somewhere in the area. Of course, we can't know that for sure. Anything could have happened -- she could have been handed off to another adult and taken far away from her home.

More than 200 volunteers have been searching for April since she was first reported missing. That's a lot of people for a small town in England. The police say they have several leads and they're following them all. I have to believe they're going to find something else soon. But if Bridger is responsible, he'd better confess sooner than later. Especially if April is still alive somewhere.

The saddest detail I've read about this story is that the parents were too distraught to attend tonight's press conference. Oh wow, please let there be a happy ending to this story. Please, please please ...

Do you think police will find April alive?


Image via ITN News

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