Cop Punches Woman at Parade & It’s Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

aida guzman

When you have a rowdy crowd and cops, it's almost a guarantee something bad is going to happen. This year's Puerto Rican Day parade in Philadelphia was no exception. A woman says that she was punched and bloodied by a cop who thought she did something wrong.

Aida Guzman appears to throw something at a group of officers, sparking an immediate -- and brutal -- reaction from Highway Patrol Lt. Jonathan D. Josey. Leveling a swift blow to her face, he takes down the petite woman in an instant and the whole vicious scene was caught on camera.


The video certainly looks bad. It seemed as though Guzman threw something at the officers and starts jumping up and down waving her arms. She starts to walk away and Josey goes after her, punching her in the face and in the back of the head. She was arrested and given a citation for disorderly conduct. Guzman insists she didn't toss anything and some say the video supports that. However, someone posted an animated gif that may more clearly show her actions or at least explain why the officer felt justified in going after her.

"We'd be remiss if we didn't acknowledge that the video is disturbing," Deputy Police Commissioner Richard Ross said. Thus far, an internal affairs investigation has been launched, and Josey, a 19-year veteran, was placed on desk duty.

Were the cop's actions excessive? Yes. But is he the only one at fault for what happened? No. Things were getting a bit out of control and people in the crowd could be seen flinging things at the officers. Guzman was right in the middle of the fray. And while it is unclear whether she did anything wrong, that cop thought she was a part of the melee based on her behavior. Should he really lose his job? He shouldn't have punched her, of course, but at the same time, she probably should have steered clear of the craziness that was going on there.

Watch what happened:

Do you think Aida Guzman did anything wrong? What should happen to this police officer?

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