Ex-Marine Allegedly Kills Wife's 'Lover' & Reminds Us Dating Sites Can Be Scary

Anthony TaglianettiDating is fraught with potential disaster. Your date never calls you again. Or your date won't stop calling you. Especially if you meet someone online, he or she can show up for a date looking 10 years older or 5 inches shorter than what their profile says. But no one starts dating someone new and then expects to get shot by that person's spouse.

This is allegedly what happened to Keith Reed, Jr., who was killed after meeting pretty Mary Jenks Taglianetti on Match.com. Police think her husband, ex-Marine Anthony Taglianetti, found some racy text messages from Reed, who is the superintendent of an upstate New York schools district, to his wife, Mary. In a fury, he reportedly drove 350 miles from Virginia to Reed's home near Buffalo. Reed was shot three times and found dead a few days later. It makes you wonder how much Mary told Keith about her life. And what she didn't tell.


Apparently Mary and Anthony were still married but separated. Mary, however, had listed herself as "divorced" on the online dating site Match.com. Keith's brother, Kevin, says that as far as he could tell, his brother had no idea Mary was still married. A lot of people online are sketchy about their relationship status. I once went on a date with a guy I met online who was listed as "single." Halfway through our first date, he mentioned he was married but separated. For me, this meant no second date.

It's a good idea to do some background on people you decide to date. If you meet someone through friends or family, you at least have an idea about that person and their history. But anyone online can say anything about themselves. A website like Spokeo can give you information such as other dating sites and social media sites a person may be on. There are also databases online where you can look up divorce or marriage information.

At the end of the day, nothing can guarantee your safety with another human being. And I'm sure Mary had no idea how dangerous her husband might be -- it was Mary who alerted police that her husband may be the one who killed Keith. But the more you know about a person, the more informed choices you can make.

I don't know what may have made Anthony Taglianetti think that killing a rival might be a good idea. It's not like murdering someone is going to get your wife back. But when it comes to crimes of passion, people generally aren't thinking.

Do you do research on people you date?


Image via Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office

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