Drug User With 'Dracula' Teeth Never Had a Chance (PHOTOS)

dracula criminal 45-year-old Alan Dale Lee is one criminal I can't help feeling sorry for -- if only because I know how prohibitively expensive dental care can be! Lee is one of the most memorable law-breakers in Florida, as far as cops are concerned, but not because he keeps getting arrested for the same things (including aggravated assault, possession of methamphetamines and possession of drug paraphernalia). To the police, Mr. Lee is more than just a criminal, he's 'Dracula' -- yes, on account of the teeth. Awww.

I mean, aggravated assault is not a very nice thing, I get that. But with a smile like his, how many career options did this guy really have in life? (Brush and floss, kids, BRUSH AND FLOSS.) That said, some marked-for-life law-breakers make themselves all crazy-looking on purpose. These are faces you never forget ...

Image via Pasco's Sherriff Department

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