Teacher Accused of Hiring a Hit Man to Kill Another Teacher

classroomHigh school is a fairly terrifying place. With peer pressure and bullying and trying to figure out who the hell you are, I'd rather eat a box of hair than go back. It wasn't always fun times for me. But one thing I really never had to worry about (and my parents never had to worry about) was my teachers. Yeah, they could be a bit unfair at times (detention for tossing a piece of paper into the trash -- really?), and most of them smelled like they slept inside a Folgers factory, but all in all, they were all right. Like, they never hired a hit man to try to kill another teacher. Which is more than can be said for some other teachers.


James Pepe, a 55-year-old teacher who worked at Strawberry Crest High School in the Tampa Bay area, was arrested last week for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man to kill another teacher in the Social Studies department, Robert Meredith. Apparently, the men used to be friends, but a feud began when Pepe accused Meredith of spreading rumors about him. An investigation was opened in August when a man phoned the police department and claimed that Pepe tried to hire him to kill Meredith. He said he was Pepe's friend.

Great. So, now not only do we have to worry about our kids dealing with bullying and peer pressure -- and lady-teachers having sex with their students -- we have to worry about teachers who are so unstable they'll attempt to have another teacher killed. Comforting to know we can have such confidence in the school systems!

Of course, nobody's perfect, but aren't teachers supposed to be examples for our children? Shouldn't kids be able to look up to their teachers? Lord knows they're probably dealing with enough from their peers -- is it so much to ask to have teachers in schools who don't, you know, want other people to die? It's stories like these that make home schooling look half-attractive.

Pepe is currently being held in a Florida jail without bail. Whatever the outcome of this mess of a story is, I'm thinking once he's released, he's not going to be invited back into the school system with open arms. And that's probably a good thing.

What do you think of this?


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