President Obama Apparently 'Talks a Lot of Trash'

barack obamaPresident Obama isn't just the ruler of the free world. Apparently, he reigns on the court too. Taking on Kobe Bryant during a so-called friendly game of basketball, the POTUS creamed him and talked some serious trash while doing so. Bryant couldn't believe what the Prez had the nerve to say to his face!


I guess it shouldn't be a total surprise considering how Barack unleashes on his political rivals. Still, Bryant was a bit stunned at first. "He talks a lot of trash," Bryant told Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show. "You know he’s from Chicago -- the Bulls through and through. He always talks Bulls this, the Bulls that. I'm, like, my goodness. Can I talk trash to the President?" So did he? "Of course I did. I couldn't help it."

Though, there was one thing the five-time NBA champ held back on. “The thing that’s interesting is that if he makes a nice move, you kind of catch yourself,” Bryant said. “I’m going to steal the ball from him. Then all the sudden, I start peeking around looking for the CIA. I say, you know, I should just let him go.”

Good choice Kobe. I'm sure Barack and his camp wish all of his opponents were such big pushovers.

Do you think Kobe should have let the President win?


Image via borman818/Flickr

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