Couple Has $10,000 in Wedding Gifts Stolen But It Could Have Been Worse

Wedding couplePicture your perfect wedding day. Perfect weather, perfect cake, perfect guests, perfect groom. Imagine waking up after one of the best days of your life, and realizing that all of your wedding presents were ... gone. Yes, it really happened. Newlyweds Jason and Amy Wright woke the day after their wedding and learned that $10,000 in checks, cash, and presents disappeared overnight.

The couple, who got married at a private farmhouse in Pennsylvania, returned to their wedding locale and found empty envelopes and gift bags scattered around the property and, almost worse, torn wedding cards floating in a nearby pond.

As horrible as it is to imagine all of those gifts that were gonna help Jason and Amy start their life together, gone, it hurts my heart even more thinking of those heartfelt well-wishes from friends and family just ... ruined.


I know if I were Amy right now, I'd be absolutely miserable. I've heard of someone trying to walk away with a few envelopes and cash, but never actual gifts. Does no one know any wedding etiquette anymore?

The harsh reality of this is that things could be worse. No one crashed their big night. No one's in the hospital. While an extreme one, this is a serious example of all the drama that will test you in married life. From late nights with newborns to simply putting dinner on the table, your partner is by your side through the good and the bad. God willing, this is probably one of the toughest blows that the duo will have to face together and I wish nothing like this to happen to them ever again. Hopefully because of this, though, the duo will emerge stronger and more resilient to the common hardships of newly wedded bliss.

The Wrights did follow up with the police and are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the criminal's arrest. Unfortunately for now, there aren't any leads.

Can you even imagine?


Image via mojefotografie/Flickr

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