Teens Reportedly Beat Mentally Challenged Woman & Videotape the Horrific Attack

handcuffsAs if we needed more proof that there were sick people in this world, cops in Chester, Pennsylvania have a true horror story on their hands. They've arrested a group of teen girls who they say attacked a mentally challenged woman who'd been sitting innocently on her front stoop, punching her in the face and even following her inside her apartment when she tried to escape.

And how do the cops know about this horrific beating? The hooligans were so proud of themselves, cops say they videotaped the whole thing. Then it was uploaded to Facebook!


On the one hand the hubris is good news. Because of the Facebook posting, cops now have four of the teens in custody, and they're hopeful they'll get the whole gang. It should be a slam dunk case in court, and this poor victim should have a little justice.

On the other hand, videotaping the attack certainly speaks to just how depraved this incident was, doesn't it?

Violent attacks on anyone are a serious criminal act. Attacking someone with a disability, the very type of person we should have the most sympathy for, shows they're missing a part of their humanity.

But to videotape an attack like this? It gives new meaning to the term depraved indifference. It means the criminal saw nothing wrong with their actions. In fact, they were proud of it! A criminal videotaping their crime signals a desire to have other people see it, and uploading it to Facebook shows an expectation for congratulations.

I don't know if there's any way to rehabilitate that kind of evil out of someone. Do you?

Is there any way to rehabilitate someone who has done this?


Image via notsogoodphotography/Flickr

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