Todd Akin Continues His Lady-Hating Campaign With His Latest Remarks

Todd AkinTodd Akin just can't stop putting his foot in his mouth. First he talks about "legitimate rape" (as though there IS such a thing), and now he is calling his opponent Claire McCaskill "unladylike." Does anyone really need a reason NOT to vote for this clown? Is it not completely clear that a vote for him is a vote AGAINST women?

Akin said (and I can't believe I am writing this) that McCaskill was much more "ladylike" during her 2006 run and that their recent debate was like "somebody let a wildcat out of the cage." There are so many things wrong with his views, it's hard to know where to begin.

Let's assume for a moment that being "ladylike" was even something today's women aspire to. Smart women don't really see that as a value, but let's pretend they do. So what? She was "unladylike"? Is that REALLY the best argument you have, Akin? How about we talk about, you know, the substance of the debate rather than your opponent's demeanor.


His ignorant comments to date reflect that not only does he have no clue about female anatomy, he also has no clue about our brains. I would say that his comments are very unmasculine, but I think the sad truth is they aren't. They are very "masculine." They reflect a stereotype of the typical, misogynistic attitude of men of a certain age and value system.

The fact is, men like Akin had their turn. This is a new time for men, and as angry as I am on behalf of my daughter because obviously his comments hurt all girls, I am also mad on behalf of my son. I don't want my son thinking that the only way to be a man is to keep women in a box.

We don't NEED any more men in office like that, thank you very much. We have enough men that hate women, who think they should be able to control our bodies and now, apparently, our behavior, too. Get lost Akin and all men like Akin. If you're a man and you even THINK that a woman is behaving like "a wildcat" or that she is acting "unladylike," do us all a favor and duct tape your own mouth.

Seriously, no one cares. No one respects that and the ones who might? Are obsolete. They are the old guard. The new guard says you're an idiot, Todd Akin. I feel sorry for someone, but it's not Claire McCaskill.

It must be painful to walk around all day being that stupid. Bye-bye Akin. On November 7, you will be a distant memory.

Do you think Akin hates women?


Image via KOMUnews/Flickr

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