Woman Fakes Breast Cancer to Pay for Her Boob Job (VIDEO)

jami lynn tolerThis almost sounds like a success story: Jami Lynn Toler helped organize breast cancer fundraisers and managed to raise over $8,000 for a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. The only problem is that Jami Lynn never had cancer! She just lied and used the money to get implants.

How low can you get? She even told her former boss, her grandparents, and her mother that she had breast cancer, for crying out loud. Jami Lynn pleaded guilty to theft, which is pretty much what this is. You've got to be some kind of heartless and selfish to use a very serious, life-threatening illness to swindle people into giving you money for elective surgery.


Jami Lynn first raised suspicions when a generous doctor offered to treat her "illness" for free and she refused. She has been sentenced to a year in jail plus three months' probation, which doesn't seem like very long at all. And sure, she'll have to pay back restitution, but probably just to the people she lied to.

What about the women who are actually struggling with breast cancer for real? Not only did she steal from them, she's also insulted them. This scam is a total slap in the face to women who face chemotherapy, real mastectomies, and countless other challenges women with cancer face. Cancer is hell -- no one should be faking it.

Now that Jami Lynn's story is out, will people have second thoughts about donating to smaller, independent cancer fundraisers? I sure hope not. There are still plenty of people in need of generosity and support. Maybe Jami Lynn's sentence should have included community service, raising funds for legit cancer patients.


Do you think Jami Lynn should have to answer to real cancer patients for her deception?


Image via Maricopa County Jail, Arizona

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