Drunk Model Restrained on Plane After Trying to Kiss Passengers (VIDEO)

flightSome things you totally expect when flying -- crappy, overpriced food, cramped seats, and delays. But passengers on board a flight from Chicago to southern California got a total shock when they had to restrain a drunk male model who couldn't keep his lips to himself.

Outrageously flirty flier Arash Durrani harassed so many people that he had to be tackled and then tied up with belts during the three-hour trip. It sounds absurd, I know, but it's no joke. As passengers describe, it was one wild and scary ride!


The trouble began 45 minutes into the flight when Durrani, who witnesses say was drunk, began pacing up and down the aisle. Then he tried to kiss several woman and harassed others.

Nona Pitts, who was sitting across from him, told NBC Los Angeles that he was acting bizarre and she asked him if he was on something. "He was kind of slurring his words," she said. "He just goes, 'Why, you want some?' ... The stewardess came by and he said, 'I want another [Jack Daniels].' I said I think he's had enough to drink. She gives him two more bottles of J.D."

Pitts moved but Durrani followed her to a different seat. "He grabs my hair and he goes, 'Nona, Nona, Nona, kiss me,'" she said. Witnesses claimed they became alarmed when his behavior started scaring children on board. Four passengers took action, physically restraining him and tying him up with belts. "He looked at every one of us and said, 'I'm going to kill you and your entire family,'" said passenger David Truong, one of many who tried to subdue him. A doctor on board eventually shot him with Valium in an attempt to calm him down. Durrani is now in federal custody for interfering with a flight crew.

Watch footage from the flight:

Do you think the passengers were right to restrain Durrani?

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