Mom Reportedly Killed 5 Babies Because Her Husband Didn't Want More Kids

baby graveIt's taken six years, but the woman suspected of killing five babies whose bodies were abandoned around one German town has finally been arrested. Police say the killer was the babies' own mother, a woman who has two more living children at home! And if that isn't disturbing enough, wait until you hear the reason she allegedly murdered her own kids.


Police say the woman -- whose name is being withheld because of German law -- thought her husband would leave her if she had more kids.

Seriously? What kind of excuse is that for murder? Murder of your own children no less?

Of all the insane done things to keep your man from getting angry, this one has to be one of the worst. She didn't just make up a little white lie here about how that dent in the van must have happened when someone hit her car in the grocery store parking lot. Cops say she actually hid five pregnancies from her husband, then gave birth to five different babies -- two at home, three in the woods (!?) -- and then brutally murdered them.

Then, and somehow this really bothers me for some reason, this "mom" allegedly scattered the bodies around town. This isn't a woman who sounds like she was really sad about killing her babies. Even their bodies were treated like refuse, thrown away, abandoned, all to cover up what? Babies who this man was technically just as responsible for producing as her?

The cops have described this family as fairly well-off, meaning she could easily have done something about all these pregnancies. She could have gotten an abortion (or five)? Heck, she could have gotten her tubes tied or told her husband that if he didn't want any more kids, then he could man up and get snipped.

Anything would have been better than this atrocious crime.

Do you have any sympathy for this woman's plight?


Image via Der_Krampus/Flickr

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