Soldier Captures Intense Footage as He's Shot in Combat (VIDEO)

Soldier VideoThe video itself is confusing. It moves fast. You can't tell what's going on through half of it. And that's exactly what makes the video captured by the helmet cam of an American soldier as he was shot by Taliban in Afghanistan so powerful.

It's a glimpse into another world, a world we can hardly make sense of, a world where American troops have spent a decade. And yet, it's a world most Americans know little about.


We don't know what our men and women in the military are doing over there. We have little concept of the terrain they're dealing with, the very real threats on their lives. This video, worn by an unnamed American soldier, could change all that.

According to its description on YouTube, "the footage is part of an ongoing documentation of the war in Afghanistan." It's garnered plenty of criticism since showing up, with hundreds of Americans armchair quarterbacking from the comfort of their homes and businesses over here, where we're safe, where it's easy to take potshots at the soldier taking enemy fire because, hey, we'll never know what that's like! Our lives aren't in danger! We can see, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight and the nice little laptop screen in front of us, how things could have played out differently.

Too bad this guy didn't have any of that, huh? He didn't have the benefit of knowing what the Taliban was going to do next. He didn't have a comfy armchair to sit in. He didn't get to watch it all play out on a computer screen while he sucked down a latte from Starbucks.

Because he's at war. For us. So we can drink our skinny mochaccinos and fight over the iPad with our kids and do whatever it is we do every day while men and women are shot at by enemies of our country in a place we'll never see.

This is his world.

That imagery certainly puts into perspective how fortunate we are in our country, doesn't it? Maybe instead of criticizing him we should be glad that he made it out of there in one piece, huh?

What are your honest thoughts about this video?


Image via Funker350/YouTube

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