Men Charged With Kidnapping & Killing 17-Year-Old Girl Claim She Hired Them (VIDEO)

Claudia Hidic
Claudia Hidic
It's the stuff 20/20 dreams are made of. Claudia Hidic was murdered this past June in Fort Worth, Texas, and then just last week, two 21-year-old men, Curtis Fortenberry and Terrance Crumley, were indicted on capital murder charges. But now the story has taken a weird, almost unbelievable, twist. According to a police report, Fortenberry and Crumley are claiming that, actually, Claudia Hidic hired them.


Apparently, Fortenberry and Crumley are saying that Hidic asked the two of them to "hold her hostage" to try to obtain money from a man who, a few days earlier, refused to lend her $600. The plan supposedly was for the men to arrive at his home and ask for a man named "Ghost," who owed them $900. He wasn't there, and then things started getting out of hand. According to the suspects' story, someone at the house grabbed a gun and started shooting, then other people started shooting, and Claudia was killed in the crossfire. This is just the latest weird turn in this case, as originally police thought Hidic hired the men to rob this mysterious man, whose identity still hasn't been revealed.

It's definitely a strange story, but one that, ostensibly, could be true, as details -- and varying versions of what happened -- continue to emerge. But believing the culprits -- especially when the victim has tragically died -- probably isn't the best idea.

Check out a video on this poor girl's murder. What do you think of this?

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