35-Year Jail Sentence for Mom Who Left Her Kid to Die in the Car Is Way Too Short

baby in carA mother who left her 2-year-old son alone to die in a hot car has been sentenced to 35 years in jail. Mollie Shouse had fallen into a drug-induced stupor and simply forgot her child was there. It's sick, twisted, and every bit a murder as if she had stabbed him to death herself. She deserved even more time.

At first glance, this case seems like other tragic cases where a baby was left in the car because mom or dad was doing a different routine or was overstressed or was sleep-deprived. But this is different. This time the mother was on drugs, asleep, while her precious son slowly died in agony in the car.

There isn't punishment long enough in the world for this woman.


Inside that sweltering car, her little boy's skin was seared "against the hot plastic of the buckle between his legs," according to prosecutors. The details of what happened to him are sickening, awful, and beyond comprehension.

She was his MOTHER. She was supposed to protect him and keep him from harm. Instead she let him die a horrific and all-too-slow death inside a car that was upwards of 150 degrees. She might as well have put him in the oven.

Truly, the whole story makes me want to throw up. It makes me sick as a mom of children who depend on me and trust me to act in their best interests, my heart just crumbles at the thought of this little boy, suffering so terribly and waiting for him mom, possibly even screaming for her, while she did drugs.

This is a monstrous act. They can call it wanton murder, but I say it's far worse. It's just plain murder. Thirty-five years isn't enough time.

Do you think this mother deserved more punishment?

Image via Nina Matthews Photography/Flickr

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