Two Tennessee Children Missing After Horrific House Fire That Killed Their Grandparents

Tennessee missing kidsTwo Tennessee children are missing and an "endangered child alert" has been issued to find them after their family's home burned to the ground last Sunday. Initially police believed the children perished, but their remains weren't found even as their grandparents and the family and dog were discovered in the rubble.

While cops are being super cautious in their investigation and admitting it's possible they are wrong, if the children were taken, whoever did it was frighteningly adept at covering his or her tracks.

The missing children, 9-year-old Chloie Leverette and 7-year-old Gage Daniel, were living with their step-grandparents at the farmhouse in Tennessee. The grandparents had custody, though it's not clear why.


Whatever is going on, it's a shame it took so long to figure it out. Knowing very little about fires, my guess is maybe that it took too long to investigate because it was a painstaking process and was, perhaps, too hot for a while. Still, it makes it all much harder.

Now, assuming the children were, in fact, taken, whoever took them had days to get away. This isn't helpful for an investigation.

It makes you wonder just how planned this was. This had to be well thought out considered given how well it worked out. The kidnapper (or whoever) could be in Mexico by now.

My heart breaks for these kids who sound like they had already been through a lot in their short lives. I just hope they're found soon and someone can give them a stable, loving home. After all, they have lost the only home they really knew and their grandparents who clearly loved them enough to provide for them and care for them when their parents couldn't.

What do you think happened to these kids?


Image via WhitAngl/Flickr

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