Rapist Who Got Young Girl Pregnant Traumatizes Her Again by Seeking Visitation With Her Child

criminalWhat's worse than a guy who rapes a 14-year-old girl, getting her pregnant in the process? How about a rapist who then turns around and tells the teen mom that he deserves visitation with her child, the child conceived during the disgusting criminal act? Welcome to one family's nightmare and the screwed up world of family court. 

At the time of the incident in 2009, the rapist (whose name has been withheld by reporters working on the story in an attempt to protect his victim) was 20 and dating the older sister of one of his victim's friends. He pleaded guilty last year to four counts of statutory rape of a child, but a judge decided not to send him to jail.


The man was only given 16 months probation (that's problem number one right there) and ordered to abide by any family or probate court rulings. The probate court ordered him to pay child support, opening the door up for the inevitable ... he wants to spend time with his "child" because he's got paternal "rights," don't you know? 

So here we have a man who is a confessed and convicted rapist. Wait, let me amend that. We have a confessed and convicted child rapist. And he has rights as a "father"?

What about the rights of the child? Or I should say children.

This 14-year-old girl was raped, and the courts answered her distress by letting her rapist walk right out the door with barely a slap on the wrist. It was as if she'd been victimized twice over. Now she has to deal with this man pushing his way back into her life and threatening what she's done to recover, the life she's built for herself and her child. She deserves better and so does that toddler.

It's time the courts acknowledge that children of rape aren't to blame for their start in life. They deserve a chance to grow up without that sort of influence seeping in, to separate the sad circumstances of conception from the possibility of a bright future. Allowing a rapist to get his claws on this kid can only do emotional harm to this child and who knows how much worse.

We already know this man has no respect for the sanctity of childhood. I won't say that any rape is any worse than any other. Rape is rape is rape. It's a base act committed by some of the most vile people in our society. But a man who would rape a child can only be described as a monster.

To consider his rights as a "parent" is ludicrous. There are two children who must come first.

What do you think of this man's claims over his "child"? Should he have visitation?


Image via .v1ctor/Flickr

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