Soldier Allegedly Kills Friend While Trying to Scare the Hiccups Out of Him (VIDEO)

gunSome joking around between two soldiers ended tragically at Ft. Hood this week. Private First Class Isaac Young was enjoying a few drinks and watching a football game on TV with his friend, Private First Class Patrick Meyers, when he came down with the hiccups. Police say Meyers jokingly held a gun up to Young's head in order to "scare" the hiccups out of him.

Meyers told police he thought the gun was loaded with dummy rounds. The gun went off, and a bullet shot straight into Young's head, killing him. Meyers now faces manslaughter charges. But much worse, Young died a horribly unnecessary death. It's disappointing that someone who should have known better was clowning around with a gun.


As many of us know, the scare cure really does work at stopping hiccups sometimes -- though not always. But usually just a loud noise will do the trick. You need to startle the person. Actually scaring your friend, making them believe their life is in danger, is totally unnecessary.

But that aside, why was Meyers joking around with a gun? He should know better! Soldiers get gun training. Surely he got it drilled into his head to treat them carefully, to never take for granted that a gun is most likely not loaded or just filled with blanks. How many stories do we hear about gun accidents where someone thought it wasn't loaded?

Not only that, I think we should all know guns and drinking don't mix. Has anyone out there not gotten that memo? It's up there with drinking and driving. Put your firearm away even if you're just having a few beers. Patrick Meyers should not have lost his life this way.

Do you know anyone who fell victim to a gun accident that involved drinking?


Image via xiombarg/Flickr

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