Teens Claim Soccer Hazing Included Horrifying Sexual Abuse (VIDEO)

la puente highAt least three California high school students claim that they were the victims of vicious sexual hazing at the hands of teammates on their soccer team. It was allegedly all a part of an initiation ritual that takes place among the varsity players every year.

Parents, school administrators, and the community at large were all shocked by the graphic and frightening details of the assault the boys (all between 14 and 15 years old) endured at the end of the school year last spring.


During his attack, a 14-year-old boy identified as Billy told HLN's Dr. Drew Pinksy he was cornered in a back room by a group of 10 boys who asked him "if I wanted it the easy way or the hard way. And in that moment my heart was, like, pounding, and, like, I kind of blacked out." He tried to run, but, "They picked me up and put the stick up my butt ... I couldn't, like, get away from all of them."

Even more frightening, John, 15, another alleged victim, said the coach of the soccer team knew about the abuse and even winked at him when the teammates tried to lure him to the room where they attacked him. "I'm pretty sure he could hear us screaming and kicking in there. And he's just right next to it," John said.

Now the coach and the kids who allegedly led the attack are all under police investigation, according to police. Already four students have been arrested on suspicion of assault in connection with the allegations. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department's Special Victims Unit is even digging a few years back, as this sort of hazing has reportedly been happening at the school for awhile.

The savagery and cruelty of this story just astound me. These aren't adult sexual predators, but children. Where in the world did they get the idea that this was okay? School sports should be a safe haven for kids, a place where they can bond with their peers, and not some sick torture club. What is wrong with these kids?

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